Winter Harvest 2016 Naples Idaho

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on March 7, 2016

We were super excited to be able to attend the last week of Young Living’s Winter Harvest in Naples, Idaho.

2 Bee Healthy attended Young Livings Winter Harvest 2016

We were super excited to be able to attend the last week of Young Living’s Winter Harvest in Naples, Idaho. After a very long days journey we were patiently waiting for the bus to pick us us at the Ramada Spokane at the airport. Our bus driver was animated and super nice. She welcomed us to Idaho and let us know that our ride was 2-1/2 hours and its dark so no sights to be seen. She was wrong as the full moon rose over the mountains we got glimpses of the landscape.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by friendly faces who showed us around our living quarters. Although they were army tents, they were pretty darn nice. There was a wonderful wood stove in the common area and a mess hall.

The food was wonderful. Three square meals a day, all healthy and organic. We could also snack on fruit and hot tea any time we wanted.

Day Two – Get to work!

At Young Living’s Winter Harvest, guests are taught how safety procedures and then how to drive equipment. We cut trees with a skid steer outfitted with a tree cutter, hauled them over to the chipper and used the back hoe to remove the stumps left behind. Dinner and a hot tub followed the day.

Day Three – The Distillation

All those Blue Spruce chips were loaded into a potato truck from the chipper. It was our job to unload them and then scoop them up with a skid steer into the distiller. The Blue Spruce was then compacted by us marching around in the distillation tank. We were now ready to apply steam and wait. Once pass-over happened, we watched as the steam was returned to water and oil in the condenser. From there it made its way to the collector/ separator. The beautiful, slightly pink oil was then skimmed off and put into a stainless steel vessel. Extensive testing of the oil  is then performed for the proper constituents. Once it passed, the oil is then filtered and shipped off for bottling. We got to bottle our own batch though.

The Following Days

The following days we attended classes to learn more about Young Living’s extensive product line. We got to cut more trees and do another distillation, ate and have a great time getting to know the staff and other distributors (guests). There was also a lovely phone conversation with Gary Young.

We were so sad to leave the farm and return to our regular lives back home. We will be sure to return next year for Winter Harvest. Maybe even visit some of the other Young Living farms.

Thank you Young Living for a fantastic trip!

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